Elevating Outdoor Entertainment: The Pinnacle of Luxury in Your Backyard

In the heart of Florida, Creative Outdoor Kitchens of Florida, a generational family-owned builder, has introduced a luxury outdoor bar that redefines the essence of outdoor luxury and comfort. Designed by Keshia and constructed by Build Crew Lead Alex and their team, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to bespoke construction.

The Crown Jewel: Azenco RShade Roof with Wood Grain Ceiling and Privacy Walls

This outdoor bar features the Azenco RShade Roof with a wood grain ceiling, offering both beauty and functionality. The privacy walls ensure intimate and serene leisure moments, away from the outside world.

A Toast to Elegance: 14′ Bar with Laminated Edge Brown Fantasy Leather Countertops

The bar, with its Laminated Edge Brown Fantasy Leather countertops, exudes an elegance that is both rustic and refined, promising durability and longevity.

Crafted for Connoisseurs: Stainless Steel Drink Rail and Hoshizaki Top Hat Ice Maker

Equipped with a stainless steel drink rail and a Hoshizaki Top Hat Ice Maker, this bar ensures that every drink is chilled to perfection, elevating every cocktail.

Refrigeration Redefined: Dual Glass Door Refrigerators

Featuring two glass door refrigerators, this outdoor bar keeps your favorite drinks within reach and perfectly chilled, adding to the luxury of your outdoor space.

This luxury outdoor bar is a personal paradise for its owners, offering a private retreat where every evening is spent in celebration, making lasting memories.

Imagine the ultimate addition to your home. Whether it’s a serene backyard bar or a bespoke outdoor kitchen, we can bring your vision to life. You imagine it, and we can build it. Reach out to Creative Outdoor Kitchens of Florida to start crafting your personal outdoor oasis today.